Just a few of the Successfully Negotiated Short Sales SOLD by Mike with NO cost to the owner!

1575 Dusty Canyon - No cost to owner, full deficiency release, NO attorney fees and seller received $5000 to move!
1517 Via Cassia - Full deficiency release, NO cost to owner, NO attorney fees!
1341 Via Savona - NO attorney fees, NO cost to owner, full deficiency release!
622 Grande Sombrero - NO cost to owner, full deficiency release, NO attorney fees!
2796 Botticelli - NO cost to owner, full deficiency release, NO attorney fees!
2493 Celestial Light - NO cost to owner, NO attorney's fees, full deficiency release, Seller received $1000 at closing!
1315 Autumn Wind - No attorney's fees, full deficiency release!

Thinking of a short sale?

If so, the Carlucci team may be able to help! A short sale is an alternative to foreclosure. A short sale occurs when your lender agrees to take a payoff of your current loan that is less then what is owed on your home. A short sale can affect your credit-rating, however the results are generally less damaging and can be repaired more quickly compared to the damaging effect of a foreclosure.

You may be a good candidate for a short sale if:

  • If you are having a financial hardship that makes you unable to pay your mortgage. Legitimate financial hardships can include loss of job, medical emergencies, bankruptcy, divorce and death.
  • You owe more on your home than what it is worth.
  • You have no assets and no equity in your home. Savings, stocks, IRAs, and other real estate holdings are considered assets. If you have any of these, your lender may still grant a short sale with some conditions.



We are experienced with negotiating short sales.   We have successfully negotiated many short sales with a Full Deficiency Release with no attorney fees! And in several cases we have negotiated for our sellers to receive thousands of dollars to move!


Helpful Short Sale Information:

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